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Welcome to the Nagel Cattle Company website,

It is hard to believe it is our 18th Annual Maine-Anjou Bull Sale.  The time has gone by very quickly.  It not only time to reflect on how many bull sales – but this is Shayna’s senior year.  Now that time, has really gotten away from us.

Landon is home on the ranch with us full time and we couldn’t be happier for him to be part of the operation again. He was in charge of the Denver Stock Show pen bulls and showing. He did a great job and the bulls really represent our production line.

Shayna is a senior this year and is very focused on her future goals. She plans to attend Caspar Community College to pursue an Associate Degree in Psychology and College Rodeo. Her career goal is to be a Child Life Coach and work with kids with cancer. Despite her upcoming second knee surgery, she is participating in VB, BB, and hopes to run in track. High School Rodeo will be a huge part of the spring and 4-H rodeo for the summer. She is a great help around the house and ranch.

Chesney is a sophomore and is a Merit Honor Student excelling in the Math and Science fields. She was awarded the National Academy of Science Merit Honor Award and Scholarship. She is also participating in VB, BB, and will run track. Chesney has had an outstanding year in basketball averaging 18 points/game. She will continue with basketball this summer playing on the Dakota Blue Devils SD travel team. Rodeo will fill up the rest of her time. She likes to ride and train our young horses as well.

Cheylee is a sixth grader that loves life. She competes in all sporting activities. She ran JV Cross Country this year and won a medal at every meet. Her basketball team was undefeated during their season. This will be Cheylee’s first year in the Wrangler Jr. High Rodeo program. She is always busy planning her next event to attend.

This leaves us with Shaylayne, she is a first grader. We all have trouble keeping up with her. She is never left out of anything. She loves to ride horse – and won her first buckle this last summer. She is always in the gym practicing her basketball moves as well.  If you don’t see her outside on the ranch, you will see her dancing to “Just Dance 3” in the house. 

Our house is very busy and we seem to be always on the go. We are blessed to have such great kids and family support from all the grandparents. Blane’s folks are doing pretty well. Delina is still taking radiation treatments and trying to get to as many activities as possible. 

Please view the catalog online and let us know if we can help you with any bull questions you may have.

The 7N Arena is very busy this spring – look at the upcoming events.

Thanks for visiting the website.

As always, please contact us or stop in anytime to view the bulls.  I always have time to discuss your herd goals and how we can help you achieve them.

Blane, Cindy, Shayna, Chesney, Cheylee, and Shalayne Landon
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